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Kidsday: Sowing our school garden

The Southold garden was started by a simple idea to grow healthful vegetables. Volunteers and students worked together to plan and start the school garden.

Volunteers also raised money; so far we have raised more than $1,000. This money will go toward the purchase of seeds and garden equipment.

Many people, including my dad, have helped dig the soil, spread compost and make the vegetable beds. This spring the volunteers will plant the seeds that we hope will grow into a healthy garden. The more people who volunteer to work in the garden, the easier the work will be. We are planning to grow eggplant, carrots and lots more.

I can see the garden out of my classroom window. I can imagine what it would look like when the plants grow. I would love to volunteer so I can be part of the process. I hope healthy vegetables grow in the garden. I think they will with enough teamwork. We will continue to stop by the school all summer long to tend to our vegetables and later enjoy what we have grown.

Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle

We tested the Nintendo 3DS game Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle (Hudson Games for Konami). It was hard at first, but we got the hang of it. Still, even the easy levels were pretty challenging!

We didn't get much help from the tutorials, either, so get ready to be frustrated, but that makes winning even more satisfying. The games are fun after you get the hang of it. It helps you exercise your brain with all the brain-teasing puzzles.

If you finish a puzzle, you can consider yourself a genius, because the puzzles are really hard. John's dad even said it was challenging.

--Kidsday Reporters Matt Crean and John Michael Judge

'Oopsy Daisy'

I read the book "Oopsy Daisy: A Flower Power Book" by Lauren Myracle (Abrams). I would rate this book a 4 out of 5. It is about everyday life in fifth grade, friendships, relationships and romance. Four girls have a relationship that is filled with ups and downs.

They are getting ready for a lock-in or a kids night in school. A lock-in is when they arrive at school and stay overnight. The friends all choose to be part of the lock-in and they are excited to go. Their friendship grows in this most unexpected place.

It is chaotic and fun at the same time. There are pillow fights, kids climbing bookshelves and lots of sweets.

--Kidsday Reporter Julia Vicinanza

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Kevin McGoey and Jennifer Drower's fourth-grade class, SOUTHOLD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL


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