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Kidsday / STUFF KIDS BUY / t's Still Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego detective games have been around for more than a dozen years,

and we have always enjoyed playing them, so we couldn't wait to test Carmen

Sandiego's Think Quick Challenge computer game (The Learning Co., $29.95).

It's great, because four kids can play it together on the computer, and it has

more than 1,000 questions in seven subject areas, so you are never bored. To

win, you must travel the globe to four different countries, crack the code and

catch the crook.

To learn more about other Carmen Sandiego games, visit the Web site at for tips on how to beat the computer game, or visit the

Web site at for other available Carmen Sandiego computer


We're Spy Experts

You might ask, "Is this just another Spy Fox CD-Rom game? Yes, we have several

of these games, and we never get tired of playing them. Spy Fox 2 (Humongous

Entertainment, $29.95) is just as much fun as Spy Fox in Dry Cereal, and Spy

Fox in Cheese Chase, maybe even more fun!

They are all adventure games. The object of this game is to help Secret Agent

Spy Fox find a hidden switch that will shut off a dog robot. The switch is

hidden somewhere at the World's Fair. To move to different areas of the World's

Fair you must use secret agent gadgets. After you complete the game, if you

want to play it again, you can because the switch moves and it becomes a whole

new game.


Not Just for Veggie Lovers

Jules Bass, the author of Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon and Cooking With Herb

(Barefoot Books, $15.95) is a vegetarian. I think Jules is exactly like Herb in

many ways, but, of course, Herb is a make-believe character and Jules Bass is

a real person.

It is not all about being a vegetarian. He explains you can be different and

still be friends with kids that are not the same as you. He tells in story form

that all races and people can live together, even though their beliefs are


You also will enjoy his cookbook, Cooking With Herb. It has good recipes, such

as The King's Favorite Veggie Burger, and Herb's Original Rainbow Pizza. You

don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy cooking with Herb.

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