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Kidsday: Taking a bow in Smithtown

Do you have a local theater? I think a local theater is an important place in your town.

The theater gives people a chance to perform for an audience, and not everyone needs to be famous.

I have been doing it for seven years now. I have been in two big roles -- in "Seussical" and "101 Dalmatians." It is just an amazing feeling to be on the stage and have all the people in the audience watching you.

The next big kids production at the Smithtown Performing Arts Center is Disney's "Alice in Wonderland." Performances start June 4.

The theater has a youth program to teach young actors like me. This theater changes over 200 kids' lives a year.

The theater needs help to keep the doors open. It would be devastating for every kid there if its doors closed.

For more information, visit the website: Come see us. The theater is located at 2 E. Main St., Smithtown. Call 631-724-3700.

Helping out at the soup kitchen

You probably think the soup kitchen is where people cook soup, soup and more soup, but it's not.

The soup kitchen is where you help kids and adults who don't have much money. My parents started going a few years ago, and then I went along with my three siblings. For a while, my parents were even in charge of the soup kitchen. We really liked helping other kids who came by, and we could see how happy they were that we were there for them. The one we work in is in Setauket.

We like to work with adults, setting up the dinner area and handing out food. We help kids pick out clothes and toys. If you don't have the time to work there, you can donate some clothes and toys. It makes me feel proud. I hope to see you there!

-- Kidsday Reporter Gwyneth Knott

Having a Wii Party

The great thing about the video game Wii Party (Nintendo) is that there are so many mini games to choose from when you play on Board Game Island. Any kid would like the option to choose different games and not be stuck with one specific game. The bad thing about Wii Party is that there should be more stages in the game. Once you complete one level, the game is over. Even though I don't like that part, I love this game because it is so fun. My favorite game was Teamwork Temple. You have to complete an obstacle course and jump over traps. It is definitely a very exciting game to play with friends or alone.

Rating: 5 of 5

-- Kidsday Reporter Brett Hornberger

CLASS OF THE WEEK Mark Jaklitsch's fifth-grade class, ST. JAMES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, St. James

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