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Kidsday: Tea Eloise-style at The Plaza

Who would have thought that four students would go to a five-star hotel on a school day?

And who would have thought Eloise, a 6-year-old, could run around so much at The Plaza!

Eloise causes a lot of racket. She likes to make fun of her nanny, especially when the nanny repeats herself three times. Eloise likes to say it three times, too! If you have read any of the Eloise stories at The Plaza, you know what we are talking about.

All the people we saw at the hotel were so fancy-looking, eating their finger sandwiches. We had to take pictures because the place was so beautiful. We met up with two very nice women who helped us make our way to the lower level to visit Eloise's room. We were allowed to explore. Everything was pink! We could dress up and take pictures and play with Eloise's stuff.

We then sat down and had a tea party with cupcakes and sweets. We sat around Eloise's Tea Room and read one of the novels about her. We laughed at all the things Eloise does to be a nuisance. Then, we wrote Eloise a note, and she is going to write us back! What was extra-special was that we were the first kids to have tea at The Plaza in Eloise's room. They will be opening it up to everyone else in the spring. We had such a great time!

Here are some of the things you can do when you visit: go into the fashion room and play dress-up. Visit the interactive library that has a reading area, computer stations and DVD players. You can see all the fun Eloise books and DVDs. There's a Tea Room for just tea, or you can have your birthday party there.

If you are in Manhattan, visit The Plaza and go to shops at the hotel's lower level, Fifth Avenue and Central Park S. For more information, log on to

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