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Good Afternoon

Kidsday: Testing toys for younger kids

Tonka Chuck & Friends: Race Along Chuck


This toy is for very young kids, and they will love it. It talks to you and races with you, too. Also, if you tap the toy on the back while it's racing, you caught it. It's like a game of tag. The toy is good for toddlers who have been walking for a while or kids who like to walk or run. If your kid is active, this is worth it.

Ages 5 and younger

Rating: 4

Dub Garage cars (Toy State)

The Dub Garage Blazerz and D-Jayz are pretty good toys for young kids. Each car or truck has a couple of buttons to make it sing, move and light up. It has a song that sticks in your head. If you have a sibling who likes cars, it is a great toy.

Ages 5 and upRating: 3

Flatbed with Red Race Car (Green Toys:

Little kids, get ready to start your environmentally responsible engines. The car is durable and fun. Here is what makes this toy special: These vehicles are made in the USA from recycled plastic milk containers.

Ages 3 and younger

Rating: 2

Disney Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Talking Race Pals

(Just Play)

My brother Spencer, who is 3, and I tested this toy, and it seemed to be very interesting to him. It is a plush, soft car that you can play with. It has sounds, and the mouth of the car moves.

Ages 3 to 5 years

Rating: 3

Redikai (Spin Master)

I tested the card set Redikai. It is similar to Pokémon trading cards. You battle and trade the cards with friends. I thought it was just OK.

Ages 9 and older

Rating: 2

Tell Tale and Trigger

(Blue Orange Games)

I reviewed two games: Tell Tale and Trigger. They are both a lot of fun. In Tell Tale, you get to make up stories, compete with your opponent or make a fun story together. The card game Trigger tests your knowledge and is fun trivia. I played it with my family. We had a blast. It's best for kids 6 and older. You answer questions such as "Do gophers have teeth?" If you didn't know that they have teeth, you learned something new. It is fun to play with more than three people.

Ages 6 and upRating: 4

Ratuki (Hasbro)

I played the card game Ratuki. The object is to get 100 points. Each card equals 1 point. You have to build piles of cards from 1 to 5. You must play many rounds to complete the game. Each round ends when someone runs out of cards. Then the game restarts. It takes about 20 minutes to play.

Ages 8 and upRating: 3

KRE-O Transformers Bumblee (KRE-O)

I tested the KRE-O Transformers Bumblebee set. It was a 2-in-1 set. You could build your favorite hero, Bumblebee, in a vehicle or in robot mode. I put all the 355 pieces together with the help of the instruction book. It took me about two days to finish the whole thing. The set was really fun to play.

Ages 7 to 14

Rating: 4

-- Jahrell Thomas, Kidsday Reporter

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