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Kidsday: The air show at Jones Beach

Every year my family attends the Memorial Day weekend air show at Jones Beach. Most people interested in watching this event go by car and view it from the beach. My family and I take our boat to Zach's Bay and view the show from the comfort of our boat. Many of our friends and family members also come out by boat to see this magnificent performance. We all tie our boats together so we can walk from boat to boat to observe the show, making the event even more memorable.

Before the show begins, all the kids usually go swimming and play on the surrounding island of Zach's Bay. The younger kids bring their shovels and pails while the older kids break out the surfboards. It is still spring, so the water is usually pretty cold, but it doesn't matter for us boaters, as this is the unofficial start of the summertime.

Once we hear that first plane roar through the sky we all scurry back to the boats, dry off and watch the show. Many of the best military and acrobatic planes are featured in this jaw-dropping spectacle. The crowd's favorite performer has always been the Blue Angels. The moment they are heard everyone's eyes immediately rise to the sky to watch these true artists. They swerve and glide with ease and the beauty of their synchronization is breathtaking. I heard that this year's Bethpage Air Show lineup will also include the Royal Canadian Snowbirds. The show will be held tomorrow and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Jones Beach air show is a truly remarkable experience that displays the excellent showmanship of some of the world's best pilots. Need more information? Visit the website:

Rooting for Riley Mack

I read the book "Riley Mack and the Other Known Troublemakers," by Chris Grabenstein (HarperCollins Children's Books). Riley's friends, Mongo, Jake, Jamal and Brianna, are on a mission. Mongo's goldendoodle was kidnapped. Now Riley needs to find out who kidnapped the dog. When Riley finds the dog, he sees 57 other dogs in a puppy mill. The worst part is that the police chief's mother is the one doing this. How can Riley save the puppies without being caught?

Now Riley has even bigger problems. The chief arrested his mom for something she didn't do. Riley knows she is innocent so he is going to break into the bank where his mom works. The problem is, two robbers are there to rob the bank! Will Riley survive this night?

The author puts a lot of details into this story. He adds serious issues and also makes the story fun and enjoyable. This fun-loving, heart-touching book is one I would recommend.

RATING: 4 of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Pragati Muthukumar, 11, Commack


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