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Kidsday: The benefits of yoga

We have a yoga program at our school and I think it is great. There are many reasons to have one, but two of the biggest are to get exercise and because it helps people relax and calm down. A yoga program is also about having all healthy snacks and drinks, too. It changes the way you treat yourself and makes you a better person. I think if kids were doing yoga, they would be able to do so many other things, too, and they would not just want to sit in front of the TV all day.

Philadelphia, here we come

One of the best days at our school was a day we didn't spend in school at all! We took a field trip to Philadelphia by bus. It was a long trip that was organized by our teacher, Migdalia Melendez. It was really fun. We saw things that some of us had never seen before. One of our favorites was visiting The National Constitution Center. It is just a great museum. It is also very close to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Besides touring the center, we saw two short plays and many many beautiful statues.

I won't lie, we had so much fun on the bus rides, too. We played games, we watched movies and some of us even went to sleep. By the time we came back, it was 8 p.m.

I wish we could go every day.

--Kidsday Reporter Dajah Tomlin

Friend, can you keep a secret?

Are you really a best friend to someone? If so, could you keep a secret if someone told you one? I asked 103 kids in the sixth grade that question and here is what I found out:

Keep a secret: 71

Can't keep it: 32

You can trust most of the kids to keep a secret.

The few kids who said they wouldn't be able to do it said they didn't want their friends to get into trouble or see them get hurt, especially if someone was picking on them or doing something wrong.

--Kidsday Reporter Stephany Arana

Putting a stop to bullying

Bullying is no fun. It hurts people. Bullying sometimes gets too serious, which causes fights or death. Some people drop out of school and lose their education just because of bullying. People are sometimes bullying and don't even know it. If you are a bully, no one will like you. You will also lose your friends. So don't be a bully.

--Kidsday Reporter Abriah Winfield

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Migdalia Melendez sixth-grade class, MILTON L. OLIVE SCHOOL, Wyandanch


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