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Kidsday: Video game and a workout in one

It's a new year and time for a new you! It can all start when you work out with the Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 for the Xbox 360 Kinect (Ubisoft). It is a great combination of playing a video game and intense exercise. You need to have a Kinect system for your Xbox and lots of room to play. There are many different playing options. There's a boot camp for intense training, a jump rope challenge, a world marathon, cardio boxing training and more.

You also can target various body parts while doing your exercises. This is a very cool feature, especially if you want to rehabilitate or strengthen a certain part of the body. Another feature is the calorie bar and the different types of belts you can earn. Every time you burn 100 calories, you get a belt. This can boost your confidence to stay healthy and play even more.

In the beginning, the controls were a little difficult to use, but as you play more, you get used to them. You will definitely get a good workout, and this is probably one of the best exercises games.

Rating: 4 (out of 5).

We found out more about the game when we met celebrity spokesmen Stacy Keibler, an actress and former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant and WCW Nitro Girl, and Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

Stacy told us she works out about 90 minutes a day. She likes this video game because "It is super cool. It gets you off the couch, and you get to have a workout while you're playing the video game. So I think it's really cool."

We asked her what her favorite exercise to do is, and she said, "It would probably be lunges and things for my legs."

We asked Victor about his team and the video game. He said, "The video game is great. There's definitely a lot of sports games. It even takes an actual visual picture of your whole body, so it's like actually you playing the game. There's different sports, and there are different things you can do."

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