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Kidsday: When teachers play favorites

Have you ever noticed that when you raised your hand in class, the teacher would choose another boy or girl over you? And it happened so constantly that you started to notice?

Or if your friend played on an athletic team and you didn't, and your friend would get "special treatment." Or maybe, the teachers would plainly favor more academic students? And some teachers may even favor a student based on popularity or social status. We wanted to know students' perspective of teachers favoring students.

We surveyed all eighth-grade students to give their side of the story. In most cases, the boys felt that the girls were favored more by female teachers, and the girls felt the boys were favored more by male teachers. If your teacher is also your coach, most kids felt that the kids on the team were given better treatment by the teacher. And if you are the star player, everyone seems to give you better treatment. Most kids said they do notice the favoritism, and they wish it didn't happen.

A collection that's just ducky

I have a different and possibly wacky collection. I started collecting rubber ducks.

My brother got me started on this. He is a Boy Scout, and he goes away to camp every summer. At the end of the trip, his group gets one rubber duck each. For him, though, he gets more than one because he and his scout master are good friends. Then, he gives them to me. That started it for me.

Every time I see a rubber duck, I have to get it. Right now, I have 80. I have Christmas ducks, sports ducks, dinosaur ducks and Halloween ducks, just to name a few. I also some that glow in the dark. My goal is to have over 100 ducks.

-- Kidsday Reporter Nicholas Cowan

Book review: 'Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes'

The book, "Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes," by Lisa Greenwald (Amulet Books) is about three best friends -- Olivia, Kate and Georgia -- who live in an apartment building in Brooklyn.

In the book, their friendship is not what it used to be. They have been arguing.

When a blizzard snows in the entire city on Valentine's Day, the girls try to make the most out of the day.

Olivia wants to try to restore their friendship and also bring friendship and romance throughout the building to their neighbors. Olivia comes up with the idea to deliver homemade fortune cookies to everyone in the apartment building.

It is a realistic fiction story that would capture the interest of kids ages 9 to 13.

-- Kidsday Reporter Kayleigh Mullaney

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Marie Amella's eighth-grade class, SAYVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL

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