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Kidsday: Your new best friend

I love dogs. They are fun, but also a lot of work. Don't get a dog just because it is cute. You have to put in time with your new best friend. You have to take care of your pet by feeding, washing and walking him. Keeping your dog clean is important. Doing this will help keep it healthy. Don't forget to feed your pet and give it lots of water. When you walk a dog, you need to put its leash on him so he doesn't run away.

You can play with your pet, cuddle him, run with him and play fetch. Playing with your pet is important. You want your pet to be active. If you want to cuddle with him, you have to get him and then you hug him. Another thing you could do is train your pet by telling him to sit, to come and to stay. When you train a dog, you have to teach him the commands many times. Patience is an important part of raising your dog. Training a dog, feeding it and playing with it are just three things you can do with your dog.

Attracted to these bracelets

MOGO bracelets are fun, new colorful bracelets to wear. The bracelets come in many colors. The bracelets are nice by themselves, but what is cool about them is that each one has about eight little round magnets on it that you can attach charms to. The charms come in all different colors. Some are solid colors and others have designs. There are many charms that you can buy to take on and off your bracelet. You can buy more than one bracelet and put them together to make a necklace or an anklet. You can go online to the website: It costs about $25 for a bracelet and six charms. If you have the bracelets, additional charms cost about $12 for three. They are comfortable and you can adjust them to whatever size is good for you. They make great gifts, too.

--Kidsday Reporters Amber Azcona, Tania Reyes and Jenipher Ruiz Depaz

Math Olympiads

Math Olympiads is a club that meets in our school every Thursday right after regular classes end. It is a math club where we explore a topic or strategy using creative problem solving or we practice for monthly contests. You can only be in the club if you did well on the New York State math test in third grade. There are five monthly contests given from November to March. You get prizes if you win any of the contests. Last year about 150,000 students from 6,000 teams worldwide participated in the Olympiads. I like going to the club each week. It is fun and competitive and makes me think!

--Kidsday Reporter Kevin Diaz

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Amy Walsh's fourth-grade class, #2 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Inwood


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