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Claudia 'Girl With No Job' Oshry to play The Paramount in Huntington

Claudia Oshry became known for her social media

Claudia Oshry became known for her social media feeds under the handle @girlwithnojob. Credit: bEcKs

She may be known as "@girlwithnojob," but social media star Claudia Oshry has built an empire. The 24-year-old comedian/digital creator, who grew famous by posting on her Instagram feed, is touring the country and has two shows Feb. 10 at The Paramount in Huntington.

“By the time I graduated college I was generating revenue that was double what I would get at any entry-level job,” says Oshry, whose Instagram account has 3 million followers.


As a freshman at New York University, Oshry found herself with a lot of time on her hands. She started a blog called Girl With a Job to chronicle her unpaid fashion internship. Once she was let go, the title was changed to Girl With No Job.

“It was a fun and funny way to express myself,” she says. “It became a hobby for me. I made an Instagram page for it as well as a Twitter account and Facebook page to drive traffic to the website.”

Oshry became known as a “Meme Queen” on Instagram, posting short, funny videos about her life as a millennial living in Manhattan. Her content features commentary on pop culture, celebrities and reality TV and she tackles social issues ranging from battling with weight to building self-confidence.

“We have been brainwashed into thinking you have to look a certain way to be happy when that’s so not the case,” she says. “A lot of what I do or talk about is just being confident in who you are.”

Three years into posting — and following an appearance on “The Steve Harvey Show” -- Oshry started turning a profit from her social media platforms. She makes money from sponsored posts promoting products like Diet Coke and Burger King that are trying to reach her audience.

“Certain generations look down on influencers/digital creators,” says Oshry. “But when you are making real money, people start to take you seriously.”


Oshry uses humor as a common thread in all her memes and posts. This has led to her venturing into a career in stand-up comedy. Her first gig consisted of six sold-out shows at Caroline’s on Broadway last year. Since then, she has toured the country, delivering a 90-minute show with a Q&A session.

“At first it didn’t feel natural to sit down and write jokes. It’s taken me a while to get into that head space,’ says Oshry. “But it’s a lot easier to play to an audience who knows who you are.”

Her style lands somewhere in between remaining politically correct and being edgy.

“It’s a Kathy Griffin-Joan Rivers vibe,” says Oshry. “I like to rely on self-deprecating humor because it’s so natural to me. It’s the way that I think and talk.”


When Oshry's husband, Ben Soffer, 26, started getting annoyed at the amount of time his partner was spending on her phone (all day sans meetings and meals), she got him involved in the game by starting his own Instagram account: @boywithnojob.

“He does what I do, geared for a male audience,” says Oshry. “We’ve grown together and balance each other out really well.”

Her husband isn’t the only loved one she works with. Oshry co-hosts a weekday morning show on YouTube with her older sister, Jackie, called “The Morning Toast.”

“I don’t really find myself represented on daytime TV. There’s no place for millennials in the morning so we made one,” says Oshry. “It’s a fun hour of escapism where you can laugh.”


Oshry is attuned to the power of her influence and the responsibility that comes with it, therefore it factors into what she posts.

“I’m aware I have a lot of young girls following me, as well as their moms,” she says. “I don’t post about drugs or sex because it’s not who I am as a person. I don’t want to negatively impact a 15-year-old who is spending 5-10 hours a day on her phone.”


WHEN|WHERE 4 and 8 p.m. Feb. 10, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave. in Huntington

INFO 631-673-7300,


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