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'Last Fan Standing' trivia show coming to The Paramount

Bruce Campbell, right, hosts the pop culture game

Bruce Campbell, right, hosts the pop culture game show "Last Fan Standing." Credit: Valicia Vazquez for Iconic Media

Those who geek out over sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy or horror can be contestants on "Last Fan Standing," a new interactive pop culture trivia show coming to The Paramount in Huntington Oct. 10.

“The fun thing about the structure of the show is everybody gets to play,” says show co-creator and host Bruce Campbell, who is best known as Ash from the “Evil Dead” franchise. “Attendees all have an equal chance to get onstage. There’s a bit of excitement in the air, because it could be you!”


Everyone in the audience gets a remote clicker to register their answers to multiple-choice questions as they unfold during the event.

“The devices report in real time whoever answers correctly and fastest,” says show co-creator Steve Sellery. “It tells us who are the top four players and then they come up to the stage and play the podium round.”

Questions focus on everything from "Harry Potter" to Marvel to Stephen King to "Star Wars."

“This is not your father’s game show,” Campbell says. “We are not dealing with history or geography; it’s more like, ‘How much does Thor’s hammer weigh?’ or ‘What, specifically, is Wolverine’s skeleton made of?' "

Once a contestant hits the stage, he or she faces off against three other knowledgeable fans with fast hands as they buzz in each answer. “When people get onstage, it’s amazing how nervous they can get,” Sellery says.

Campbell adds, “Sometimes they’ll hit the button in a panic and . . . aaaaaaah — they thought they knew it. There’s a bit of flop sweat that happens.”

The four contestants get whittled down to one finalist before the intermission, then the game starts over again garnering yet another finalist — setting the scene for a battle between the two winners. “The final confrontation is fan against fan going head to head until one is the 'Last Fan Standing,' ” Sellery says. 

Campbell notes, “It’s great to watch two people who really know their stuff duke it out. We’ve had some good come-from-behind victories that were nail-biters.”

Winners mostly get bragging rights and an "LFS" commemorative award marking their victory.


Organizers say the crowd tends to skew 60 percent male and 40 percent female, ranging in age from teenagers to seniors.

“Sometimes it gets a little snarky,” Campbell says. “It’s PG-13, but it can go R. It depends on what the crowd is like.”

Enthusiastic players even cosplay at the event, showing up as comic book or movie characters. “We encourage people to dress up,” Campbell says. “Just make sure you know the trivia of the character you are dressed as.”

Known for his strong stature and sardonic wit, Campbell keeps the show rolling along.

“You can’t put Bruce Campbell in a box. He’s a master of banter,” Sellery says. “Bruce has a unique perspective on Hollywood and how things work out there. He gives the audience an inside glimpse into that.”

Campbell also dons one of his signature suits showcasing his quirky fashion sense. “It will be very Vegas — Liberace meets Wayne Newton,” Campbell says. “I tend to lean toward brighter colors. It keeps me awake during the show.”

WHAT 'Last Fan Standing' with Bruce Campbell

WHEN | WHERE 8 p.m. Oct. 10, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington

INFO 631-673-7300,

TICKETS $20-$50

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