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Spooky stories tweeted by Newsday readers

Spook us -- so we challenged -- and keep it brief.

In honor of Halloween, we invited ExploreLI readers to craft their own "horror" stories on Twitter. Some are creepy, some are silly, but all are amusing in their efforts to tell a tale in at most 140 characters.

Don't think it's over -- you can add your spooky tale to our collection today. Just send it out on Twitter and use the hashtag #tweetatale.@KeyrisGuallpa

I saw him. Dripping with blood head to toe. I gasp for air, I've seen him before. Dad? Where's mom? He smirked.


The rainbow colors gloom over the dark skies, as it slowly creeps its way to one's soul.


A storm -- no power. It is dark & cold & I am afraid. I hear a shrill noise -- a hairy thing right there! What is it? Just the cat!


They're following me. Eyes everywhere. Screams fill the air. No way out. Stuck. Walls make up this world. The asylum of my head.


A black orb hovers by my foot. It moves closer. I feel a force, chills surge my body. Exiting, I turn out the lights!


It was a dark and stormy night when I woke up from my sleep. Was this feeling deja vu? Maybe the house was haunted by ghosts.


#tweetatale spooky, scary, trick-or-treat, I want candy not Hurricane Sandy! I am Peter Pan and my brother is Capt. Hook the sneaky snook!


Walking alone, I stumbled onto a desolate place. My dream man emerged! His sinister grin & hand behind his back told me -- uh-oh!


Blood-filled eyes emerged from the shadows and I knew the impending storm would be no match for the terror about to ensue.

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