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Susan Lucci at Book Revue for new book, 'All My Life'

Actress Susan Lucci attends the 7th Annual ABC

Actress Susan Lucci attends the 7th Annual ABC & SOAPnet Salute Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Benefit closing celebration at The New York Marriott Marquis in Manhattan. (March 13, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Just call her "Grammie." Daytime icon Susan Lucci of ABC's "All My Children" is first and foremost, a grandmother.

Her daughter, actress Liza Huber (NBC's late soap "Passions") has given birth the night before our chat to Lucci's third grandchild and first granddaughter. "Hayden Victoria," Lucci says proudly. "Victoria is my daughter's middle name, and Victoria is my middle name, and I'm so thrilled that my daughter would pass it on to her daughter!"

Lucci remains very much the leading lady at 64, after four decades playing unstoppable man-collector Erica Kane. Then, there's her Broadway run in "Annie, Get Your Gun," her nightclub act, "Dancing With the Stars" stint and HSN product line. And her new book, "All My Life" (itbooks), goes on sale Tuesday.

Lucci, who'd lived in Garden City full time until "AMC" moved to Los Angeles last year, had just arrived back east for a publicity tour that includes a stop Wednesday night at Book Revue in Huntington (She's scheduled for "Nightline," Monday night at 11:35 on ABC/7.).

"All My Life" chronicles Lucci's soap career as Erica Kane, and other show biz triumphs, but its true spine and certainly its heart lies with home and family -- her husband of 41 years, Helmut Huber, their two now-grown children, and her lifelong attachment to Long Island.

Fans will find out your life is so normal.

(Lucci laughs.) Yes and no. There's nothing normal about the life I lead, in terms of my schedule. The fact that I wanted to be an actress since I can remember, it's so much a part of who I am. But I was lucky to make it happen in a place and time where I could raise children in one place, to give them a sense of normalcy and well-being, and to be in their lives.

I wanted to be here and not on location. Being in daytime and with "AMC" in particular, in the hands of Agnes Nixon, I was able to play this incredible role and at the same time have my life with my children.

You certainly gave them roots in Garden City.

I credit my husband that we chose Garden City . It was the town I grew up in, and I don't think I realized what a wonderful town it was till we were married. When you grow up someplace, the idea is to get away! You don't know it's a great place. And then my husband, who's also from a beautiful place, the Austrian Alps, says it's a gorgeous town, with a great school system and a wonderful sense of community. It's where my parents lived, and we moved back and raised our children, to give them a sense of normalcy and roots.

How's it been working in L.A. for the past year?

Much better than I would've thought. And I went kicking and screaming! I did not want to leave New York. My daughter had moved back to New York three months earlier, which was an awful irony. But, fortunately, ABC has been very cooperative with me in my schedule. I have two weeks on, working in Los Angeles, and a week off then to come back home.

So how long does Erica Kane keep going?

We'll have to see. It's something wonderful to me to know how fans have embraced her from the beginning. I didn't expect it. She was the bad girl in town. But I loved her, and I've been so fortunate.

Susan Lucci

WHEN | WHERE: Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Book Revue, 313 New York Ave., Huntington

INFO: 631-271-1442,

Lucci disputes 'All My Children' rumors

Rumors of the demise of "All My Children" have been greatly exaggerated, Susan Lucci says, despite last week's report that the soap is on ABC's chopping block.

"Our ratings are not what they were," Lucci admits, but the entire daytime drama genre is hurting; six soaps remain where nine ran three years ago. "There is a story line coming up for Erica that, I have to say -- Erica has never done this before," Lucci hints. "In the face of this rumor, here we have really exciting, brand-new territory for Erica, and for me, into next fall."

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