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Overcoming McDonald’s allure, Holbrook man loses 109 pounds

Tyler Vosefski of Holbrook is pictured in December

Tyler Vosefski of Holbrook is pictured in December 2013, when he weighed about 280 pounds, and in a more recent photo. The 21-year-old lost 109 pounds through the Jenny Craig program and by kicking his McDonald's habit. Credit: Handout; Newsday / John Paraskevas

Tyler Vosefski

21, Holbrook

Occupation He’s waiting on medical clearance to join the Navy.

Height 5-feet-10

Before 302 pounds, November 2014

Current 193 pounds April 2016

His story

Tyler Vosefski admits that fast food was his weakness. Three hamburgers and two orders of chicken McNuggets was his standard McDonalds order, and he ate double lunches and double snacks regularly. His devotion to Xbox and video games meant only his thumbs, nothing else, got a workout for hours at a time. He wasn’t athletic in school and didn’t particularly like gym class.

“When my gym teacher wanted me to run, I would just walk. I was so lazy, but if I ran, I was dying for oxygen,” says Vosefski. In November of 2014, weighing 302 pounds, he started having “jolts of pain” in his chest. “I was really scared. I didn’t want to find out years from now that I had heart problems from being overweight so young.”

He saw a cardiologist and had tests done which didn’t detect any medical problems. Vosefski’s mother, a Jenny Craig member, suggested he try the meal plan program. He wasn’t hopeful but started it anyway. A 9-pound weight loss the first week quickly changed his mind. “I was very pleased and happy. Every week I kept losing, usually two pounds a week, but one week I lost 8 pounds. I was stoked.”

After 14 months on Jenny Craig, Vosefski lost 109 pounds. “It’s a great thing. I can walk up the stairs without feeling like I’m having a heart attack.” Vosefski’s goal weight is 184 pounds. He continues to see a cardiologist.

His diet

Vosefski has program products: pancakes and sausage or cereal for breakfast. For lunch he likes the stuffed pizza bites. Dinner can be shrimp and linguine or meatloaf with BBQ sauce and carrots and broccoli. He snacks on items like popcorn, cheese curls, s’mores bars, black bean taco chips or an Anytime bar. He makes sure to drink 10 bottles of water a day.

His exercise

Vosefski goes to the gym 5 to 6 days a week and does a combination of running and walking for one mile. He also lifts weights.

His advice

“You have to want it. With enough motivation and determination you can do anything. Don’t let people walk over you. Be positive, not negative.”

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