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When Syosset mom Thalia Stamatelos became pregnant, she couldn’t wait to register and find the “it” diaper bag. She couldn’t find one she had hoped for, so she decided to create her own.
The Due Date Diaper Bag is a large, stylish yet functional bag with a labeled zip-out liner with compartments for diapers, two bottles, juice boxes and an umbrella. Each bag includes three “drop-in” extra bags: a zippered pouch to hold extra clothing for two children, one for cosmetics and one for snacks — another great element to help stay organized.
The bottom of the bag doubles as a changing station, complete with a changing pad as well as labeled pockets for diapers, wipes, diaper cream and toys.
The bag comes in red with black trim, black with black trim and black with pewter trim for $225 on — JENNIFER BERGER
Saf-T-Swim, a Long Island swimming school, beckons us stroller-pushers with a deal that gives parents a fun indoor activity for the fall.
The company, which has 10 locations on Long Island, offers free swimming lessons for babies ages 2 months to 6 months. The earlier a baby starts, the more free lessons the baby gets, meaning that a 2-month-old swimmer can look forward to a full four months of free lessons. The company offers the deal any time of year, but autumn, with its chillier temperatures, is a wonderful time to start lessons in an indoor pool.
Saf-T-Swim can be reached at 866-723-3794 or More information is available at — PATRICK WHITTLE
I kept asking Harrison, “Are you feeling OK?,” as I patted his cheeks and forehead quickly and routinely to feel for a fever. Each time, his face felt cool to the touch and he would tell me, “I’m fine. I’m just tired.”
It took me a few weeks to catch on that a new strain of an end-of-summer bug had overcome my 8-year-old son: back-to-school-itis.
Harrison has traditionally been quite vocal about where he feels the balance in life should be. “More play, play, play; less work, work, work,” he’ll say. He adopted that mantra in kindergarten, after querying my husband and me about how many years of schooling lie ahead of him. Panic set in when we explained what college is, and he’s never been the same.
So I set out to help him change his attitude in the countdown to the first day back to school. I told him how much I enjoyed school throughout my life, from elementary school to graduate school. I suggested he picture me at 8 having a good time. “Oh, that helps!” he said.
Then, when a conversation about returning to school turned ugly, I explained how there are two ways to be in life — to have a positive attitude, which can make good things happen to you, or to have a negative attitude, which can make you sick.
He bought it.
The first day went off without a hitch, and then the second day. He smiled widely, did his homework in short order, said he loved his teacher, his classroom, too, felt happy about reuniting with friends, thought his homemade lunches were scrumptious, and something more.
“I think fourth grade is going to be my best grade ever,” he announced. — VALERIE KELLOGG


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