We’re all looking for luck on St. Patrick’s Day, but our pets may actually be the ones in need of those four-leaf clovers.

A pet insurance company recently sifted through its half a million claims from 2014 to unveil a list of the unluckiest monikers.

Petplan, an insurance provider that has paid more than $15.7 million in claims to pet parents in the New York City metropolitan area, has tallied up its clients’ records to compare pet names with the number of veterinarian visits last year. Here’s what the results revealed:

Tucker was determined to be the unluckiest pet name for both dogs and cats. Tucker made its way onto Petplan's top 10 lists of pets most likely to feel under the weather, eat something they shouldn’t, or be most accident-prone.

Petplan recommends that companions of dogs named Oscar keep a close eye on what goes near their snouts. Oscar ranked at the top of the “indiscriminate chow hounds” category, followed by Jackson, Tucker, Murphy, Jack, Stella, Teddy, Sam, Lily and Ruby.

A few unlucky cat names also made the list. While they're known for being able to successfully jump to high places, felines named Chloe, Jake, Simon, Abby, Lucy, Buddy, Oscar, Trixie, Milo and Nigel might not be able to stick the landing.

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PetPlan found that both dogs and cats with the names Emma, Tucker, Riley, Winston, Rascal, Toby and Teddy, among others, tend to have the least luck, as they appeared in the top 10 of more than one list of unlucky events. 

However, the data also revealed lucky pets that managed to keep vet trips at a minimum. Among the luckiest dog and cat names are Shadow, Sparky, King, Molly, Maggie and Missy.

See the full list of lucky pet names below. 


Top 10 Luckiest Dog Names

1. Sparky

2. King

3. Snoopy

4. Smokey

5. Taz

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6. Tyson

7. Tank

8. Zeus

9. Gizmo

10. Sassy

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Top 10 Luckiest Cat Names

1. Shadow

2. Smokey

3. Molly

4. Pumpkin

5. Sammy

6. Mingus

7. Maggie

8. Tiger

9. Pepper

10. Missy