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Firefighters rescue parrot that flew its Eastport coop

Mike Genovese of Eastport holds Rudy, his 12-year-old

Mike Genovese of Eastport holds Rudy, his 12-year-old parrot, after firefighters rescued the bird, which got spooked and flew off his perch and up into a nearby tree on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Credit: John Roca

Some Suffolk firefighters have a new feather in their caps for making an unusual rescue on Wednesday.

Mike and Jessica Genovese were relaxing on the porch of their Eastport home on Wednesday about 5:30 p.m. when they say something “spooked” their 12-year-old parrot, Rudy.

The blue and gold macaw flew off his perch on the porch and up into a nearby maple tree, said Mike Genovese, 43.

Genovese was shocked. “It was the first time I’ve seen him fly,” he said.

Firefighters from the Eastport Fire Department came to the house with ladders and unsuccessfully attempted to grab the bird, which had flown up about 25 feet and “didn’t want to come down,” Genovese said.

They then called on the East Moriches Fire Department for use of their bucket truck, according to Mark Yakaboski, chief of the Eastport Fire Department.

“We’ve been called to bring down cats or other animals, but never a parrot,” Yakaboski said. “This was a first.”

After a firefighter who had climbed up about 15 feet used a pole to shake the branches around the bird, Rudy flew back down about two hours after having taken off and was grabbed by Genovese, Yakaboski said.

The parrot is healthy and “back to being quite talkative,” Genovese said.

Rudy has a pretty impressive vocabulary, according to his owner, but the parrot declined to comment on his Wednesday night shenanigans.

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