Happy National Dog Day! The first thing to do, of course, is give a dog a hug this Aug. 26.

Now in its 11th year, the holiday for hounds is meant to put the spotlight on those canines who need homes. And if you're thinking about welcoming a new guy or gal -- or one of each -- into your home, you can celebrate locally by taking advantage of free adoptions all Wednesday at Islip Town Shelter.

Or, take the day to ponder making a furry addition to the family, and think about hitting one of Long Island's many shelters to find The One. Making things even easier are upcoming adoption events; among your options this weekend are events through Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, Friday and Saturday, and Sweetest Dog Rescue on Saturday.

The next big decision: What to name him or her? If you're the type to go along with the current -- or, the type to decidedly not -- you'll want to know the most popular dog names of 2015 for Nassau and Suffolk counties, per social site nextdoor.com. They are:

1. Max

2. Molly

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3. Lucy

4. Scout

5. Scruffy 

6. Massimo

7. Coco

8. Karma 

9. Lexi

10. Jack

And, the list for NYC:

1. Bella

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2. Lucy

3. Lola

4. Max

5. Bailey 

6. Molly

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7. Charlie

8. Chloe

9. Daisy

10. Buddy

Whatever the name, consider a recent national survey done by dog treat maker Milo's Kitchen, which found 86 percent of dog owners noting that their canine "comforts me immeasurably." So whether it's National Dog Day or not, you'll get as much out of that hug as your pooch. Maybe even more.