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Italian sailors rescued a puppy that was lost at sea

Watch: Italian sailors rescue puppy lost at sea

Italian sailors enjoying an afternoon in the Gulf of Naples discovered something unusual swimming around in the water on Oct. 24 -- a Labrador puppy.

The dog, named Noodle, had fallen overboard from a ferry while on his way home with his owner, Fox News reports. Six members of the RYCC Savoia yacht club spotted Noodle later that same day.

He had been swimming for hours after being left about 20 miles from the coast, Daily Mail reports. When their boat crossed his path, the sailors began calling out and whistling to him. Thankfully, Noodle swam close enough for one of the sailors to reach down and pick him up by his neck.

Something "special" was "found in the sea" today, RYCC Savoia wrote on Facebook alongside photos of the adorable pup being dried off by one of their coats. Noodle was reportedly shaking in their arms from the cold.

A video of the incredible rescue was also uploaded to YouTube by the yacht club and has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

The club later shared an update in a separate post to let worried Facebook users know that Noodles is happy, safe and has been reunited with his owner. 

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