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15 facts about Hemingway, New York's Puppy Bowl XI star

Hemingway AKA Finnick was adopted by Bob Bernstein

Hemingway AKA Finnick was adopted by Bob Bernstein of Edgemont, New York, on Oct. 16, 2014. Credit: Animal Planet

Meet Hemingway, New York's starting lineup player in this year's Puppy Bowl. In October, the 16-week-old Great Pyrenees-mix pup made the trip from Green Dogs Unleashed shelter in Virginia to New York to participate in the taping of Animal Planet's 11th annual puppy football game.

Hemingway met his adoptive owner, Bob Bernstein, during the October taping. After losing his family dog of 12 years in May 2014, Bernstein had little intention of coming home with what would become the newest addition to his family. But, he instantly fell in love with the dog's energetic charm. Green Dogs Unleashed recognized their "love at first sight" connection, as Bernstein calls it, and the adoption process that would normally take weeks was completed within a day.

"It never occurred to me that this would ever happen and I'm so glad that it did," Bernstein said during a phone interview. Adopting, he said, "gladdens the heart."

Asleep in the arms of his new dad, young Hemingway rode the train from Manhattan toward his new home in Edgemont, New York, on Oct. 16, 2014.

Along with a permanent family, Hemingway gained a new moniker: Finnick, after a character in "The Hunger Games."

Bernstein describes Finnick as a remarklably easy, loving pup who is always eager to please.

??Since October, Finnick has gained a whopping 40 pounds and continues to add on two to three pounds a week. He has graduated pre-kindergarden and currently attends American Kennel Club puppy training classes once a week.

Catch Hemingway, AKA Finnick, in Puppy Bowl XI on Feb. 1, 2015, at 3 p.m.


Get to know New York's Puppy Bowl XI star:

Name: Hemingway, Finnick

Nicknames: "Fin," "Big Puppy"

Weight: 30 lbs Puppy Bowl, 70 lbs currently

Age: 16 weeks Puppy Bowl, 19 weeks currently

Bread: Great Pyrenees mix

Puppy bowl team: Team Fluff

Best friend: Faulkner, his brother, who also participated in Puppy Bowl XI

Girlfriend: Ace from the woods pack. Fin and Ace enjoy daily morning walks through the woods with their friends.

Loves: Tummy rubs and giving hugs

You can find him: Running in the woods with his pack of friends

Favorite toy: Stuffed candy cane, snowman and Santa squeak toys

Favorite food: Kibble in a Kong

Favorite treat: Store-bought soup bones

Favorite indoor game: Tug-of-war

Favorite outdoor game: Hide and seek

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