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New PETA video stars Peter Dinklage, Alec Baldwin, others against NYC horse-drawn carriages

New PETA video: Pink, Alec Baldwin and other stars against NYC horse carriages

Stars against the use of horses to pull carriages in Manhattan speak out in a video from PETA.

Animal rights group PETA released a video Monday culling celebrity support for Mayor BIll de Blasio's campaign against horse-drawn carriages in NYC.

The two-plus-minute piece includes singers Pink and Lea Michele, actors Alec Baldwin and Peter Dinklage, and other high-profile stars who back de Blasio's proposed ban.

Whenever she sees a carriage horse, Pink says in the video, "with its nose in the tailpipe of a cab and the blinders on and all the pollution and the congestion and the traffic and the noise, it just hurts my heart."

The clip makes clear that many well-known New Yorkers have spoken about the issue over years. Footage of celebrities interacting with journalists -- Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders addressing the horses' "little cement box" living conditions -- joins commentary directed toward fans -- Baldwin in character on "30 Rock" referencing the "rolling torture wagons".

De Blasio's plan is to replace Central Park's horse-drawn carriages with electric, vintage-style cars.

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