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Ruff House Rescue taking Houston dogs found locked in crate

These dogs found locked in a crate and

These dogs found locked in a crate and abandoned at a Houston park Wednesday, June 8, 2016, are headed to Long Island, thanks to the Freeport nonprofit Ruff House Rescue. Credit: Melissa McMillan

Dogs found locked in a crate beside a trash container in a Houston park will be available for adoption on Long Island.

Ruff House Rescue, a nonprofit based in Freeport, has agreed to take in the Chihuahua mixes, who were found Wednesday afternoon, according to Darryl Otto, the rescue volunteer who found the dogs.

“They were shoved in there so tight, I couldn’t even tell how many dogs there were,” Otto said. “It looked like the owner had just opened a bag of dog food, poured it all over them and then left them there.”

The three adult dogs and seven 8-week-old puppies were treated by an animal clinic Wednesday, according to Melissa McMillan, who runs the Texas rescue organization, Melrose Park Neglected Dogs.

“They were in good condition when we found them. But it was 93 degrees Wednesday, and it would have been very bad if they had stayed out there any longer,” McMillan said. “I’m just really grateful for all the out-of-state rescue groups like Ruff House that are able to help.”

One of the puppies was adopted by a volunteer in Houston. Seven dogs are expected to arrive on Long Island on Friday night, said Ruff House Rescue Director Diane Indelicato. She said two others will be brought to Long Island after they are treated for heartworms.

After the dogs are spayed and neutered, they will be available for adoption.

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