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Pros and cons of braces

Kidsday reporter Sarah Fleishaker says braces have pros

Kidsday reporter Sarah Fleishaker says braces have pros and cons. Credit: Kidsday reporter Sarah Fleishaker says braces have pros and cons.

I have braces. You may be getting yours soon, too. All of those horror stories you heard about getting braces, forget about them. They’re not true. They might hurt a little bit in the beginning, but soon they won’t hurt anymore. Having braces installed has pros and cons like everything in life. These are what I found to be negatives of having braces. One thing is that you can’t have foods that are chewy, sticky or gooey like taffy, raisins, candy, Nutella, etc. Another drawback is that when you brush your teeth it tends to hurt, so you may want to brush lighter. My last detail is that you may still feel a bit weird with them in your mouth after forgetting you even have them.

These are the pros of having braces. The first positive note I would like to mention is having clear braces. I like it better than having a mouth full of silver. Another good thing is that you can still have hard food, you just need to break it into smaller pieces and chew with your back teeth. The best part of having braces is that when you’re done with them you have straight teeth for the rest of your life. That makes it easier to brush your teeth because your teeth will be straight, which means you won’t have to constantly change the angle of your toothbrush. My last plus is that when the orthodontist is attaching the brackets, it only feels like he’s just touching your teeth. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Those are the pluses and minuses to having braces from my experience. I like having braces because I look forward to having straight teeth in the future.

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