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Readers cite favorite 'AMC' moments

We asked our readers to share their favorite "All My Children" moments and memories. Here's a sampling (comments have been edited for brevity and clarity):

I watched the first episode when I was home sick from school and have been hooked ever since. My favorite moments include Jesse and Jenny on the run in New York and Bianca burning down the house when she finds out her mother is with her Uncle Jack."

-- Marlene Dowling, Deer Park

Home 39 years ago with my newborn daughter, I began watching. My favorite story line was Tara Martin and Philip Brent secretly marrying in an empty church. I was hooked!"

-- Joanne Goldwaser, Massapequa

My favorite moment came on June 11, 2008, after Tad (Michael E. Knight) told Kathy he was her father. The best part of the scene was when Kathy called him Daddy. This was so sweet!"

-- Laura Reed, Stony Brook

Michael E. Knight is our favorite actor. We liked his character's name, Tad Martin, and started using it in regular conversation. Whether it was a cup of coffee, soda or glass of wine, we would say, "I'll just have a Tad Martin, please.'"

-- Sally Campbell, Northport

The most recent scene that brought me to tears was when Jesse and Angie were reunited at the train station after two decades apart. There are few moments in film as beautiful as that one."

-- Margaret Donovan, Levittown

I have been a fan since 1970. I even named my daughter Erica after Erica Kane. I'm also a very big Michael E. Knight fan, and my favorite moment was when Tad first met Dixie as she was coming into Myrtle's Dress Shop. ... Tad said to Dixie, "Heaven help me, I just forgot every girl I ever met."

-- Maryanne Marshall, Malverne

My favorite episode was when Jimmy Buffett made a guest appearance. He was playing pinball at Foxy's Bar, and his hit song "Cheeseburger in Paradise" played in the background. My husband always made fun of me watching "AMC" -- until his favorite singer was on the show. Ever since then, we have taped every episode and watched it during dinner."

-- Cathy Bowser, Bay Shore

My favorite story line of all time was when Janet "from another planet" came along and turned her sister Natalie's life upside down. It was classic that it was the same actress just wearing a wig and glasses!"

-- Tracy Delaney, Bayville

My favorite episode ... ALL OF THEM!"

-- Shelly Volin, Plainview

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