Group experiences are where it’s at these days. Whether it be a scavenger hunt, escape room or immersive theater, people are looking for an alternative to bowling, going to the movies and hanging out at a bar.

“It’s fun to do something together as a group that you can share and talk about on the way home,” says Will Puntarich, marketing director for NYZ Apocalypse, a “survival” experience in Deer Park. “It’s bonding.”

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Alissa Torres, manager of Can You Escape? LI, an escape room in Mineola, agrees, “When you do this type of activity, you have to use your mind and collectively communicate with others instead of technology. When parents participate with their kids, they will often say, ‘I’ve never seen my child off their phone for a whole hour.’ ”

Here are two hands-on experiences to tackle with your friends and family this weekend: