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Try a new fitness class this year: GoBungee, Climb N Vibe Rhythm and more 

GoBungee Fitness in Massapequa brings a popular fitness craze to Long Island: a low-impact workout while being strapped to a harness from the ceiling. Newsday's Michelle Romano reports.

New year, new workout. Shaking up a fitness routine is a smart and healthy way to get a jump on 2022, and across Long Island, new and noteworthy exercise classes are out there waiting for you to join in and work up a sweat. Besides being fun, fresh challenges help you reap rewards that can shrink when you exercise on autopilot.

Ask Lisa Milonakis, 54, who lives in Levittown and works for a hedge fund. She’s a big believer in that variety is the spice of exercise. "For me, mixing things up is what works. I like to try different workouts." That includes combining personal training and different classes a couple of local gyms. "I like a new challenge," she says.

Here are six ways to expand your exercise regimen at local gyms. Safety and social distancing is a priority at each location. Some gyms offer a free first class.


Channel your inner Peter Pan at this innovative new class. Slip into a harness suspended from the ceiling that supports you and use your own weight for resistance in a low-impact cardio routine that builds strength and endurance.

"Clients can expect to burn an average of 300 to 800 calories per class," says Stacy Vano, 53, who owns the 6-month-old studio. "You will have fun learning and flying with us while toning muscles." Drop-in: $25; 10-class package is $140.

INFO: GoBungee Fitness, 200 Old Sunrise Highway, Massapequa, 516-308 -4111,

Climb N Vibe Rhythm

This low-impact 35-minute full-body workout combines strength training and a cardio mix. The session alternates between a Versa Climber (a vertical cardio trainer machine) and Power Plate (a vibrating gizmo that stimulates muscles to contract and relax).

"We’re bringing technology and high-end equipment to a workout," says David Schmitt, 44, who owns the gym that opened in March. "We’ve got athletes and people in their 70s working out. It allows for all abilities." Single class: $28; monthly membership packages start at $79.

INFO: Climb N Vibe, 2477 Merrick Rd., Bellmore, 516-804-5878,

Boot Camp Circuit

Here’s the drill: rotate through a number of stations, doing different exercises for a set time or repetitions, one after the next, with brief breaks until the circuit is completed. Want a tougher workout? Modify the movement to increase the challenge.

Back to basic boot camp "is the draw right now," says club owner Steve Panzik, 46. This 45-minute full-body workout builds muscle and cardiovascular endurance. Drop in: $25.

INFO: Power Ten Fitness Club, 102 Harbor Rd., Port Washington, 516-767-6773,

Inferno Hot Pilates Level 2

The 45-minute class builds long, lean muscles and boosts the mind-body connection as you’re guided through a series of postures for a full-body workout.

"In Level 2 we introduce weights and resistance bands into the workout," says studio owner Kelee Zaccardi, 42. The heated room quickens warmup, and facilitates movement, she adds. Drop in: $30; unlimited monthly membership $163.

INFO: Ash Hot Yoga Babylon, 350 Sunrise Hwy, West Babylon, 631-539-2515,

TRX Class

To boost cardio, strength and mobility this 45-minute class uses non-stretchy nylon resistance straps and your body weight to engage and activate your muscles at maximum efficiency. "You get the most bang for your workout buck," says gym co-owner and instructor Christina Boccio, 33. Live and virtual classes are available. Single class: $29.99; unlimited monthly package $189.99.

INFO: BeachFIT Training, 2888 Long Beach Rd., Oceanside, 516-207-0786,

Pure Empower

Lift, tighten and tone — those are the goals of this class that cranks things up a notch by adding cardio interval training, according to co-owner and instructor Jenny Bernholz, 38. "It’s the best of both worlds. We utilize ankle weights, wrist weights, and a step platform to help elevate the heart rate," she says.

Music is another motivator. Her faves to energize the room: Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran remixes and Lady Gaga. "It’s a big calorie burn," she says. "We always come out of there having gotten a good sweat." Drop in: $35, 4-class monthly membership $99.

INFO: Pure Barre, 1681 Northern Blvd., Manhasset, 516-365-9090,

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