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Gyms on LI that'll help you keep your fitness goals: Planet Fitness, Orangetheory, more

Samantha Johnson, cycling director of RVC Ryde in Rockville Centre, spoke about what clients can expect from the indoor cycling classes. (Credit: Newsday / Yeong-Ung Yang)

A new year commonly brings regrets about all the holiday food and drink we consumed, but it’s also a time for fresh starts and to concentrate on what’s ahead. Overcome your transgressions by pressing the reset button on your fitness goals — join an exercise class or gym and think safety in numbers to help you stay on track.

“Group exercise is blowing up” as the new trend for 2020, says Franklin Square-based personal trainer Perry Schneider, whose celebrity clients include cast members from the television shows “Empire,” “Black Ink Crew,” “Love and Hip-hop,” and “Bad Girls Club.” And there are big benefits to group exercise, such as a rigorous cardio class, Schneider adds. “High intensity interval training is the fastest way to lose weight. You (also) need consistency, that’s why group training is good. It’s people relying on each other to keep it going.”

Not going to exercise alone is also helpful if you’d like to join a gym, Schneider says, since if you’re a novice it be can be intimidating to walk into a space full of people who look like they’ve been working out ever since they left the womb. Get a couple of friends to join the gym with you. “It helps people ease into it, so they don’t feel other people are looking at them and they’re being judged.”

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THE LOYAL For the fitness fanatic

THE HOBBYIST Niche exercise options 


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