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The gloriously weird Child of Eden

In this video game image released by Ubisoft,

In this video game image released by Ubisoft, a scene is shown from "Child of Eden." Credit: AP Photo/

The stated goal of Child of Eden is to save Project Lumi. The project is an effort to develop a human personality inside a futuristic archive, called Eden, of all human memories. But the archive has been invaded by a destructive virus and the player's job is to ferret out the disease and rid Project Lumi of it to preserve the archive of this knowledge.

Lumi's human personality takes the form of a lithe brunette who appears during cut scenes and at the end of levels, twirling and smiling amid a sheen of sparkles and soft techno music. As you stand in front of your screen waving your hands at Kinect, music thumps and light dances across the screen as you protect Lumi, and thus Eden, from the virus.

That's pretty much Child of Eden. Yes, it's that gloriously weird.

As far as game play goes, the controls became intuitive after a few minutes. You are essentially flying through space. You can aim a laserlike apparatus with your hands and circles appeared on-screen to help aim bolts of color at various objects in your way. A flick of your right hand shoots a strong bolt at rotating blocks and twirling spores. Holding a steady aim with your left hand sends a never-ending stream of smaller shots, more akin to a machine gun.

RATING Everyone 10 and older

PLOT Get Kinect-ed and protect the Lumi

DETAILS Xbox 360, $50

BOTTOM LINE Dizzying and dazzling

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