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Bounce on a water trampoline in Montauk 

A water trampoline is something you see on

A water trampoline is something you see on island vacations – it attaches to a boat that takes people out and can lounge and jump into the water. Now, you can experience it in Montauk. Credit: Gordon Grant

A new aquatic activity in the Hamptons is giving off an island vibe. The MTK Cruises boat charter company has added a water trampoline as an offshore option.

The watercraft looks like a combination of a land trampoline and a circular raft, and after being anchored within Lake Montauk, a tie-up is connected to it — either with the Tomoka, a 40-foot, 33-passenger cruising pontoon boat, or one of two six-passenger sailing catamarans. Equipped with a waterslide on one slide, it also has a runway from which those aboard can jump, walk or climb into the water.

"It's been a huge hit for family gatherings, birthday parties, groups of friends, and bachelorette parties," says Mike Brawner, 31, the USCG-certified captain for MTK Cruises.

At 20 feet in diameter, it can hold up to 20 people when all are staying put — but when jumping is the plan, the space is limited to no more than two or three people at a time.

"It's definitely a different experience than any other type of boat or water tube," notes Brawner, who explains that after members of MTK Cruises first saw a water trampoline in action while in Cozumel, Mexico, the idea dawned on them that there "was nothing like it in Montauk."

Due to its connection to the company’s boats, customers can move between the trampoline and the vessels. For swim tours led by MTK Cruises, a pair of kayaks or SUP boards can be requested for use during sessions. "For groups that really want it all," says Brawner, "we leave the Tomoka tied up with the trampoline and bring the sailboat to do short, 20- to 30-minute rides to and from the trampoline with six people at a time so that everybody gets some time on the catamaran as well as on the water trampoline."

The water trampoline is in use May through September.

Private swim charter packages to use the water trampoline with the pontoon or catamarans start at $300 per hour for up to 15 guests, with a minimum of two hours for swimming.


MTK Cruises: 59 Star Island Rd., Montauk; 631-668-8079,

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