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3 new Thai restaurants open on Nassau South Shore

Lemongrass Thai & Chinese restaurant is open in

Lemongrass Thai & Chinese restaurant is open in Oceanside in April 2014 Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick

Looks as though Nassau County can't get enough of the salty-sweet-sour-spicy complexity inherent in Thai cuisine. Witness the latest three Thai restaurant openings on the South Shore.

In Oceanside, Lemongrass Thai & Chinese restaurant just took over the Long Beach Road space that last hosted Volcano’s Burgers & Salads. Included in the  restaurant's Thai repertoire are such dishes as chicken coconut soup ($3.75), drunken noodles ($9.95) and basil duck ($13.75).  On the shorter Chinese menu are vegetable lo mein ($6.25), General Tso’s chicken ($10.25) and sweet and sour pork ($6.25).

Another Nassau newcomer is Ra Kang Thai Cuisine, located in the West End of Long Beach.  In addition to Thai standards, the place offers skewered meats and vegetables -- grilled pork, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetarian duck and lamb, among choices -- at $8.95 for three skewers. Also on the menu: green curry with chicken or pork ($11.95), mixed seafood with sauteed hot sweet basil ($18.95) as well as peanut chicken ($17.95).

Finally, in Woodmere, the new Pattaya Thai Cooking features such dishes as calamari salad ($7.95), spicy coconut noodles ($10.95), Penang curry with chicken or beef ($12.95) and pineapple curry shrimp ($14.95). The restaurant makes its home at the site best known for having hosted Soigne.

Lemongrass Thai & Chinese Restaurant is at 2710 Long Beach Rd., Oceanside, 516-280-2277,

Ra Kang is at  895 W. Beech St.,  Long Beach, 516- 442-1313,

Pattaya Thai Cooking is at 1066 Broadway, Woodmere, 516-791-2288,

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