Good Evening
Good Evening

668 the Gig Shack

Worth checking out is this offbeat little cafe and bar which features acoustic guitar and jazz musicians on weekends.

The informal place is owned by Tracey Gardell, a mom whose three surfer sons -- Skylar, Arden and Gray -- help out at the shack. Chef Nico Psihoyos offers what he calls "global surf cusine" -- quesadillas, ribs, "lamburginis" (Moroccan spiced lamb sliders), fajitas and even a paella.

Gardell and a few staff members do all the dessert baking.

Both the carrot cake and the red velvet cake were moist and lush. Lemon meringue pie had a flaky crisp crust, its filling a fine balance of sweet and tart. Chocolate bundt cake was homey and fudgy.

The shack also serves ice cream and gelato and, at breakfast, house-made scones and fritattas. An asset to the town, for sure.

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