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Hain Celestial's Terra Blues Potato Chips

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Bet you were about to miss the holiday.

Yes, Friday is National Chip and Dip Day, one of the countless designations that signal the apex and the nadir of marketing all at once. Someone in the snack business must be on a salt high.

But you can, indeed, look it up.

This celebration is not to be confused with National Potato Chip Day, splendid in its isolation on March 14. I know. You missed that one, too.

My initial response to chip-and-dip day is that it must be linked to National Margarita Day, which unfortunately took place unacknowledged on Feb. 22, when traditionalists were toasting George Washington with a glass of Madeira.

Generally, chips take in tortilla chips and pita chips, pretzels and crisps. Maybe puffs fall under the heading, too. It has a free-form, equal-opportunity style.

So, find that bottle of silver or reposado tequila, whether Sauza, Patron, Centenario, Hornitos or Casa Noble. Get the triple sec and the rest of the ingredients and fast forward. The weather will be warm.

And if you still can't abide the chip holiday, just think ahead. May is National Salsa Month.

Big blue chips will do.

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