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A chocolate-wasabi challenge

Chocwasabi's chocolate-covered wasabi peas may -- or may

Chocwasabi's chocolate-covered wasabi peas may -- or may not -- become your new addiction. Credit: Handout

Last week, I posted a rant about a new Lindt dark chocolate bar made with wasabi. I compared its flavor to “a Band-Aid with mustard” and posed the question: “Could there be any reason on earth to combine chocolate with wasabi, a root whose flavor is somewhere between horseradish and mustard?”

“I believe so,” came an emailed response from Darren Polish, president of the Los Angeles-based company Chocwasabi. “I would like to send you a sample of our product to see if there is any hope of a positive response from your taste buds. Many people find our chocolate covered wasabi peas 'highly addictive.' ”

“Bring it on,” I wrote back. 

And Polish did, sending the samples of his product pictured above. While I didn't  find these little balls habit-forming, they were admittedly lots less offensive than that Lindt bar. They had the crunch of a malt ball, with a subtle kick.

Even so, I prefer my wasabi on a plate of sushi.

If the chocolate-wasabi union intrigues you, visit Chocwasabi’s website. Available in both milk and dark chocolate, a 6-ounce package sells for $4.49; a 13-ounce package for $8.49.

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