Alessio, a pizzeria-restaurant in the site once occupied by Umbertino's, specializes in specialty pies: tossed salad pie, Buffalo chicken pie, baked ziti pie, chicken parmigiana pie, kitchen sink pie, to name a few. Of course grandma, margherita, and the standard Neapolitan and Sicilian pies are also available, as are calzones and rolls, heros, parmigiana entrees and more than a dozen pastas.
While you await your main dish, you can enjoy appetizers such as chicken fingers, zucchini sticks or calamari arrabbiata (sauteed with a hot cherry pepper sauce), salads or a nice assortment of soups: tortellini in brodo, lentil, pasta e fagioli, minestrone and stracciatella (Italian egg-drop soup).