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Good Morning

Aunt Chilada's

The new Aunt Chilada's Mexican Grill is an offshoot of Three Amigos Mexican Grill in East Northport. Pam Veitch, who co-owns the place with her husband, Fred, and his brother, Charles Veitch, named as its chef Luis Dutan, who cooked at the East Northport locale and is assisted by his brother, Segundo.
At dinner, on my first visit, I found a modest-looking order-at-the-counter spot with a friendly crew. Grilled chicken fajitas featured lots of juicy chargrilled strips of poultry with peppers and onions accompanied by a bright pico de gallo, basmati rice and black beans. My only problem was that the compartmentalized plate on which the dish was served was really too small for the generous portion. A week later, though, I ordered grilled shrimp and steak, both of which were overcooked nearly to the point of incineration. From the fresh salsa bar, I liked the tropical (fruit) salsa, the green tomatillo salsa. Fire eaters will find equal amounts of pleasure and pain in the habanero and chipotle salsas. 

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