Welcome to Mediterranean Central Station.
Cavernous, bustling and exuding a palpable buzz, Ayhan's Shish Kebab in Plainview (as well as the other Shish Kebab restaurant under the aegeis of owner Ayhan Hassan) serves a menu of mainly Greek and Turkish dishes. The food is usually good and hearty. Neither the menu nor the kitchen will surprise you, but you probably know full well what you've come for before you've even seen a menu.

Hummus is garlicky and respectable, taramasalata creamy and briny. Depending upon the day you come and the mood of the kitchen, your kebabs will either be juicy and flavorsome or overcooked and dry. Lunch can be a particularly good deal, with a full meal running around $10.

Make sure to order the pistachio baklava, sweet, flaky and fragrant, for dessert.

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Note: Other locations in Westbury and Port Washington.

Joan Reminick.