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Bakery offers sweet breakfast treats

Cannoli and sfogliatelle are among the treats at

Cannoli and sfogliatelle are among the treats at Old Fashioned Bakery in Glen Cove. March 2015. Photo Credit: Newsday/ Peter Gianotti

Old Fashioned Bakery in Glen Cove has a marble-topped table at the south end. It's an ideal perch for a leisurely breakfast.

Forget about eggs, cereals, muffins. This is about a sweet way to start the day. The bakery makes terrific bread, plus outstanding pastries. Recommended: a cappuccino or two, plus cannoli, sfogliatelle or both.

I say both, since you may be daydreaming about Campania as well as Sicily on this sunny day. Besides, you never can have too much ricotta. One large cannolo is $2.50; same price for the large sfogliatella. A medium-size cappuccino, perfectly made, comes in at $2.

Linger over a newspaper. Newsday, of course. But La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera would fit in, too.

Old Fashioned Bakery is owned by Razzano's, the nearby food shop. You can get a head start on lunch and dinner.

Old Fashioned Bakery, 10 Cedar Swamp Rd., Glen Cove; 516-759-1141.

Razzano's, 286 Glen St., Glen Cove; 516-676-3745.


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