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Bay Shore: Yesterday's Cafe revisited

"Burrito and eye" at Yesterday's Cafe in Bay

"Burrito and eye" at Yesterday's Cafe in Bay Shore. As May 8, 2011, the cafe is closed. Credit: Joan Reminick, June 2010

Recalling a vibrant breakfast burrito from an earlier visit to Yesterday’s Cafe in Bay Shore, I returned with optimism to this nostalgia-themed eatery where most everything is supposed to be house-made.

Dinner began on a promising note with a lively appetizer of Cajun spiced tuna over a salad over a mix of Napa cabbage, fire roasted corn and black beans. A Caesar salad was fresh and bright.

There was no problem with the flavor of my “Omega fin” salmon burger. The trouble was, it was supposed to come with caper chutney and lemon dill aioli and “smashed potato” fries. Instead, it was delivered naked on a thick, dried-out bun,  accompanied by prosaic fried potato wedges. That same stuffy bun undermined an otherwise very good (if small) “steam box pastrami” sandwich. A steak burger (also on said bun) was way overdone.

I looked forward to an entree of “brick on chicken”  described as "pan roasted in a lemon lime garlic sauce." Sadly, the poultry hadn’t even browned and was drowned in a surfeit of astringent sauce.

The finale —  a house-made apple cobbler — amounted to a mound of crumbs with just a hint of fruit slopped onto a small saucer.

Had the kitchen run short on food or inspiration? Unless some crucial changes are made (perhaps streamlining the long menu or serving  two instead of three meals a day), the name of the place may prove prophetic.

Yesterday’s Cafe is at 31 E. Main St., Bay Shore, 631-647-4743,

Yesterday's burrito at Yesterday's Cafe in Bay Shore

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