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Beginnings in Atlantic Beach to host 'Sopranos'-themed dinner and trivia night

A signed photograph of The Sopranos stars James

A signed photograph of The Sopranos stars James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) and Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts) will be auctioned off at Beginnings in Atlantic Beach. Credit: Ben Freiser

How long did Tony Soprano attend college? What is Carmela's maiden name? Which region in Italy did Tony Soprano's ancestors come from?

If the answers to these burning questions roll easily from your tongue, you might be a serious contender during a "Sopranos"-themed Sunday dinner and trivia night at Beginnings in Atlantic Beach this Sunday, March 10. The menu is a la carte. 

Beginnings has a knack for tapping interest in all things La Famiglia: Last year, dinners themed after the "The Godfather" (both I and II) and "Goodfellas" were sell outs, or almost sell-outs, for the gastropub. This Sunday, the restaurant will evoke another famous wise guy — Tony Soprano, aka James Gandolfini — with a trivia night, dinner and auction to benefit charity.

"The Sopranos" soundtrack will be looping, the restaurant's televisions will be tuned to old episodes, and two signed photographs of "The Sopranos" cast will be auctioned off, said Beginnings co-owner Ben Freiser, with proceeds going to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital,

Freiser explained how the event came about: Mike Sullivan, "James Gandolfini's very good friend," found out about the trivia night and donated the signed photos, including one of Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts, aka actor Tony Sirico. "There's gonna be possible guest appearances, too," said Freiser, hinting that Sirico and Sullivan might show up.

If Paulie demands, "Can I just get some macaroni and gravy?" the menu from chef David Bryer will oblige: Italian-American classics such as eggplant rollatini, mozzarella en carroza and zuppa di mussels share the bill with a Sunday sauce of pork ragu over rigatoni, linguine with sausage and meatballs, and a boneless pork chop with roasted red and cherry peppers, plus broccoli rabe, among others.

Every Wednesday night at Beginnings is a themed dinner; already honored “The Silence of the Lambs” (Freiser came in full Hannibal Lecter regalia; servers painted moths over their mouths), “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (the restaurant was transformed into a fairy garden) and “American Psycho” (complete with Patrick Bateman business cards).

The Sunday event begins at 5 p.m., and trivia starts at 6 p.m.

Beginnings is at 1986 Park St., Atlantic Beach, 516-239-7483,

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