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The best Thai restaurants on Long Island

Thai Coconut, Wantagh: A simply but tastefully appointed

Thai Coconut, Wantagh: A simply but tastefully appointed little restaurant just steps from the LIRR station where you'll be happy to commune with a bowl of sour-spicy tom yum goong that's rife with plump shrimp. Also good:  tom ka tai (a nuanced chicken coconut milk soup), yam pla muik (calamari salad), Panang curry with pumpkin and beef, mango duck. Photo Credit: Agaton Strom

First comes the spicy jolt of hot chili peppers. Then, the salty, pungent lick of fish sauce, bumping up against the sour tang of tamarind and lime.

Bringing balance is a touch of sweetness from palm sugar. All this in a single sip of tom yum shrimp soup. With its seductive dance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy, Thai food can set your heart to pumping. 

At each of these Long Island favorites, a Thai chef skillfully manipulates the multifold flavors of this compelling cuisine. 

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