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Big blue(s)

New York Giants fan Kevin Bock shows off

New York Giants fan Kevin Bock shows off his blue cheese hat before an NFL divisional playoff football between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants. (Jan. 15, 2012) Credit: AP

So, you want a Big Blue party.

Well, there are blue corn chips, blueberries and that very blue drink, Powerade. But they don't really match up very well. You could search for Peruvian blue potatoes. Or expand the definition with bluefin tuna.  Maybe unearth that cache of blue M&M's.

But the real bluesters out there know the real answer: blue cheese. And not just the kind that ends up in the dressing to go with all those chicken wings.

This is about exploring the pores of salty, potent Roquefort and discovering a blue-green vein of Gorgonzola, sweet or not. It means loading up on buttery Stilton, as British as the Union Jack. These cheeses are international giants to rival New York Giants.

Back them up with bleu d'Auvergne, for a rich taste of regional France; and Bavaria Blu for a mild German accent. Shropshire Blue: a tangy one that actually started in Scotland. Or stay All-American with the terrific Maytag Dairy Farms blue cheese.

But I'd skip washing them down with either Blue Moon or Blue Nun. They call for something sweet or something gutsy. A refined white, a bold red, a brown ale. All of which will lead to flavor-packed festivities.

You definitely won't be singing the blues.

A true-blue cheesehead.

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