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Blondie’s Bake Shop in Centerport offers classes for kids

Kids can learn to make cinnamon buns at

Kids can learn to make cinnamon buns at a Jan. 30 class at Blondie's Bake Shop in Centerport. Credit: Blondie’s Bake Shop

It’s been more than four years since Jess Kennaugh opened Blondie’s Bake Shop in Centerport, and both the baking and the business agree with her. But every once in a while she misses her former career, elementary school teacher, so it was natural that she’d get around to teaching kids to bake.

Kennaugh has held occasional adult baking classes at Blondie’s, but when she offered her first kids’ class in November, she was overwhelmed with demand. “It was way more popular than the adult classes,” she said. Afterward, she was besieged with requests both from parents whose kids took the class and parents whose kids were closed out of it. So this winter she’s planning three more classes for kids ages 9 to 11.

Jan. 30 Breakfast treats: cinnamon rolls and muffins.

Feb. 6 Snacks: soft pretzels and custom cookie dough.

March 6 Cupcakes: Kids will bake and decorate their own.

Classes run from 7 to 9 p.m. and are $45 a person. They fill up quickly (the maximum for each is eight) so call or stop by soon to reserve. Kids keep what they bake.

Blondie’s Bake Shop is at 90A Washington Dr., Centerport; 631-424-4545,

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