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Bobby Flay launches 4 great new burgers

On the new menu at Bobby's Burger Palace

On the new menu at Bobby's Burger Palace at Smith Haven Mall and Roosevelt Field: the Carolina Burger with smoked American cheese, green onion slaw and mustard barbecue sauce. Credit: Bobby's Burger Palace

The addition of four new burgers to the recently revamped menu at Bobby’s Burger Palace necessitated an immediate trip to the Roosevelt Field branch of Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s burger chain.

Each of the burgers, at $7.95 apiece, was conceived by Flay, three with regional connections. All proved juicy — cooked medium-rare, as specified — and served on soft sesame-seeded buns with ideal bun-to-burger ratios.

Not unexpectedly, the New Mexico burger turned out to be a firecracker, its topping comprising roasted green chilies, queso sauce and house-pickled red onions. Milder but no less successful was the Vegas burger, crowned with white American cheese, Fresno red chilies and BBQ potato chips, providing that crunchy note Flay has become known for. The zesty Carolina burger, had smoked American cheese, green onion slaw and mustard BBQ sauce. You have to be a mustard aficionado to fully appreciate this one.

More universally appealing was the non-regional brunch burger, topped with bacon, American cheese — and a fried egg. (Have you noticed how fried eggs are showing up on top of everything these days?)

Also new: a griddled pimento cheese and bacon sandwich, as well as two new milk shake/malted flavors — mint chocolate chip and mocha caramel.

On Long Island, there are two Bobby’s Burger Palace restaurants: Roosevelt Field,  Garden City, 516-877-7777, and Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, 631-382-9590,

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