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Bonanza Stand

BONANZA STAND: Sure it looks like a shack,

BONANZA STAND: Sure it looks like a shack, but that's because that's exactly what the Bonanza Stand in Oyster Bay is: a shack. A shack full of such goodies as their famous hot dogs and flavored ices. And it's crazy cheap. Letting summer go by without visiting the Bonanza Stand is grounds for de-friending on Facebook. Credit: Newsday Photo / Robert Mecea

It's a Long Island landmark. OK, maybe not officially, but among locals, it's a must-visit every summer. In fact anyone reading this right now who has been there is frantically trying to remember how to get there and whether or not they'll get the strawberry or lemon flavored ice.

The Bonanza family (yes, really) owns this aptly named century-old landmark. Don't miss the Bonanza special, an all-beef frank with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, relish, chili and cheese, with the option of jalapeños. Hot dogs, $1.70 to $2.10.