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Brasa Rodizio opens in Mineola

Brasa Rodizio in Mineola

Brasa Rodizio in Mineola Credit: Joan Reminick

Mineola, home to many Portuguese restaurants, recently welcomed another when Brasa Rodizio moved into the former home of Piri Piri. The specialty here is wood-fired barbecue.

The menu lists individual entrees, such as grilled skirt steak ($19.95), half a barbecued chicken ($12.95) or grilled branzino ($22.95). Alternately, you could opt for the rodizio-style all-you-can eat deal, at $30.95 a person. Included in that are nine meats plus rice, fries, salad, house-made potato chips and several other side dishes.

Co-owner Paul Batista, who has been involved in Luso in Smithtown as well as Barraida in Mineola, said most desserts are house made, among them pistachio cake ($5) and something lyrically dubbed  “heavenly whites” — whipped egg whites and heavy cream with caramel sauce and crushed Portuguese cookies. ($5).

Brasa Rodizio, 100 Herricks Rd., Mineola, 516-280-8000.