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Applebee's, Moe's and more chains offering deals on family meals

Restaurant chains including Applebee's are offering lower-priced family

Restaurant chains including Applebee's are offering lower-priced family meals for takeout.  Credit: Applebee's

By choice or necessity, many Island families are economizing these days, cutting spending on everything, food included. America’s chain restaurants know this, and many are responding by offering bargain meals for families, which they usually define as two adults and two children. While not always the healthiest option, such deals are often the most convenient, and that matters, too. Below are family meals for delivery or takeout at some of the area's most popular chains, listed in order of lowest to highest cost per person. Note that some are limited-time offers and may or may not come with free delivery. Prices were correct at time of publication.


What it's called: Family Fill-up

Feeds: 8 (or one family of four twice)

Price: $30 ($3.75 per person)

Details: Families can get two meals at once with the chicken chain’s promotion. Each consists of some combination of chicken and tenders (e.g., 8 pieces, 12 tenders), along with two large servings of mashed potatoes and gravy, one large serving of coleslaw and four biscuits.



What it's called: Family Feast with Mac

Feeds: 4-6

Price: $31 ($5.15-$7.75 per person)

Details: Two half-sandwiches, two kid-size sandwiches, large salad, large mac ’n cheese, and one full-size baguette.



What it's called: At-Home Taco Bar

Feeds: 4

Price: $25 ($6.25 per person)

Details: Think of it as DIY fast food. Family meal consists of 8 flour tortillas, 12 crunchy taco shells, nacho chips, ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, Cheddar cheese and sour cream.



What it's called: Build Your Own Taco Kit

Feeds: 4-6

Price: $39.99 ($6.67-$10 per person)

Details: Meals consist of 12 tortillas, two proteins of your choice, lettuce, shredded cheese, rice, beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and queso. Chips and salsa also included.



What it's called: Family-Style Lasagna Bundle

Feeds: Up to 8

Price: $68 ($8.50 per person)

Details: Family-size lasagna, large house salad, 12 breadsticks and one 2-liter beverage.



What it's called: Build Your Own Burger Pack

Feeds: 4

Price: $33.99 ($8.50 per person)

Details: Four burgers along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and condiments, plus a large order of wavy-cut fries. 



What it's called: Family Bundle

Feeds: 4

Price: $39.99 ($10 per person)

Details: It's 20 bone-in wings and 20 boneless ones with your choice of sauces, along with a basket of fries.



What it's called: Breakfast Family Feast with Pancakes

Feeds: 4

Price: $40 (or $10 per person)

Details: Four servings of scrambled eggs and hash browns, 8 strips of bacon, 8 sausage links and 8 buttermilk pancakes



What it's called: Riblets Family Bundle

Feeds: 6

Price: $64.99 (or $10.83 per person)

Details: Family-size portion of rib meat, spinach and artichoke dip, Caesar salad, mac ’n cheese, fries and slaw.



What it's called: Family Meal for Four

Feeds: 4

Price: $52 ($13 per person)

Details: Your choice of two entrees, one order of lettuce wraps, rice or noodles and soup.



What it's called: Friday’s Favorite Box

Feeds: 5

Price: $71.49 ($14.30 per person)

Details: Five servings of pasta Alfredo with Cajun shrimp and grilled chicken, garlic breadsticks, choice of salad and half-gallon beverage.

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