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Change of Thais in Kings Park

Bangkok Pavilion moves into the former Kings Park

Bangkok Pavilion moves into the former Kings Park home of Sarin Thai. (September, 2013) Credit: Newsday/Joan Reminick

Bangkok Pavilion in Kings Park is so new, it doesn’t yet have its own sign. Instead, a banner announces that the restaurant has opened in the former digs of Sarin Thai (a short-lived spinoff of the still-open Greenvale original).  The oddly shaped corner spot has housed several Thai restaurants, among them Chaophaya and Siam Thai.

Chef-owner Settapat Bunnak, who hails from Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, formerly cooked at such Manhattan Thai restaurants as Breeze and Peep, a place known for its provocative restrooms with one-way see-through glass doors. No such quirks here.

On the menu: Deep-fried whole red snapper with Penang curry sauce ($22), basil chicken ($12), pad Thai or pad kee mau ($12 with chicken or beef; $15 with shrimp, duck or scallops).

Right now, the place is awaiting its credit card machines as well as liquor license.

Bangkok Pavilion is at 25 Main St., Kings Park, 631-269-4961.

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