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Cheesecake Factory curbside pickup put to the test

Shrimp summer rolls to go from Cheesecake Factory

Shrimp summer rolls to go from Cheesecake Factory in Huntington. (Sept. 10, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick

On a day when I was unable to wander far afield from the office in Melville, I decided to grab a quick takeout lunch and, at the same time, put to the test Cheesecake Factory’s curbside pickup option.

So I called in an order to the Huntington Station branch for Skinnylicious shrimp summer rolls ($6.95; 410 calories, including peanut and sweet chili dipping sauces). I was told to allow 10 minutes for the order to be filled and was instructed to park in one of the designated spots in the rear. Then, simply call the number on the sign (631-271-TOGO) and the meal would be brought to me.

It took about 15 minutes to get there. Before I could pull out my cell phone, a Cheesecake Factory employee who had just delivered an order to another car came over and took my information, promising to be right back with the order. It was another 10 minutes before that happened — not an unreasonable amount of time, but not quite the speed I'd hoped for.

The summer rolls, stuffed with vegetables, shrimp and a small amount of rice noodles, were vibrant and worth the wait.

Cheesecake Factory is at Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove 631-361-6600 and 1504 Old Country Rd., Westbury, 516-222-5500 and Walt Whitman Shops, Huntington Station, 631-271-8200,

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