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Chef Ralph Perrazzo, BBD's

Chef Ralph Perrazzo is the owner of BBD's

Chef Ralph Perrazzo is the owner of BBD's Beer Burgers Desserts in Rocky Point. Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

Ralph Perrazzo, 34, is chef-owner of BBD's (Beers Burgers Desserts) in Rocky Point. He lives in Shoreham.

What's the most surprising thing a customer has ever asked for in your restaurant?

A 4-ounce, fully loaded, prime beef house-ground-and-pattied burger with fries for less than $6.

What would people be surprised to hear that you like to eat?

Duck tongues, beef heart, blood sausage and high-quality Japanese tofu.

If you could, which food would you ban from all restaurant menus?

I'm so tired of seeing balsamic-glazed everything. From tuna -- which really blows my mind -- to pizza to chicken.

Which Long Island restaurant would you take a chef friend to?

North Fork Table & Inn, as Gerard Hayden is the chef of chefs.

What's on your kitchen playlist?

Bolt Thrower, Slayer, High on Fire, Mastodon, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza. We love our thrash metal in the kitchen. Sometimes, the guests ask us to lower it in the dining room.

What's the new kale?

Ong choy, or Chinese water spinach; it's delicious any way you cook it.

Electronic devices at the table: Love them, ban them, don't care?

I just can't get past touching a screen after someone else has. I am a clean freak and a germaphobe so it makes me a little biased against them.

How do you handle staff romances?

Let it be. Nine times out of 10, it does not work out and the weakest employee usually leaves. Then that person starts dating another employee.

What's your worst kitchen nightmare?

The tip of one of my Japanese knives breaking from falling on the floor.

What did your mother say about your becoming a chef?

She had nothing but praise. What mother wouldn't? She was happy I had some direction at the age of 15.

Who's your culinary hero?

Every farmer keeping things real and possibly having something left for my future children.

What's your favorite cooking tool?

A scimitar knife, as I love butchering sides of beef. It is therapy to me, so I have a personal attachment to it.

What's your go-to pizza place?

Gino's in Ronkonkoma for their Sicilian slice. I love that when you look at the bottom of the crust, you see the holes put in by their hands. The dough is never flat and dense -- just light, crusty and tasty.

What do you think of reality cooking shows?

Any reality TV show is not reality. We all know this and feel bad for the people who invest in that breed of cooks.

What seasonal ingredients get you going?

Young garlic, strawberries, peaches, apples, Romanesco cauliflower. We could be here for days with this question.

Other than where your restaurant is located, which town on LI has the best food?

Recently I had to go to Brentwood, got lost and walked into a bodega filled with amazing smells. I wound up eating the best authentic Spanish food ever and making new friends. And Brentwood is only one of many such towns on Long Island.

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